As an artist, I make things. In fact, I am an object maker. This means, I make a variety of things which include drawings, prints, and unique three-dimensional creations.

My artistic sensibilities have been influenced by a variety of sources including my education and my Roman Catholic upbringing. It might be said that I was influenced by the preponderance of icons, iconography, and dazzling splendor of objects associated with the Church. However, while my art may borrow from religion, it is only quasi-religious at best, but most definitely non-denominational. In general, I think of my work as universal because it comes from a place of human experience.

My Etsy Shop DarkHorseLimited can be found at: (https://www.etsy.com/shop/DarkHorseLimited) The expression 'dark horse' represents surprise as with the horse that achieves an unanticipated victory. It is also a nickname I acquired for the many surprising techniques and approaches I apply to my art and my teaching. Lastly, "Limited" refers to my work. I do not produce copies, but only originals. That is, each item in my repertoire is a one-of-a-kind original and 'limited' work of art.

Furthermore, as I gather and assimilate new information, I apply it to my life and recreate myself each day. Therefore, every new day is a surprise that is both rare and limited in terms of each moment or each new work of art. Yet, when linked with all of experience, the creative sensibilities themselves are indeed unlimited.